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Best Online Casino Bulgaria

All transactions are handled by the mobile carrier, which adheres to strict security protocols. The casino is legal in Bulgaria, and all types of gambling are allowed. However, the local gambling market is heavily regulated, and any gambling operator that offers services in Bulgaria must acquire a license and pay the required licensing fees.

SMS online casino Bulgaria has become increasingly popular among Bulgarians. It is a convenient way to access the casino and play real-money games. SMS gambling has been legal in Bulgaria since 2008 and has become fully regulated in 2012. Online gambling operators are required to pay tax of 15% on their revenues, and are required to have a license from the Bulgarian Gambling Authority.


Vivacom Online Casino Bulgaria

Vivacom is a Bulgarian telecoms company. Though its stock price is still down, the company has been making news of late for its online casino and other offerings. Let’s take a look at Vivacom’s online casino and learn more about the bonuses it offers.

Vivacom is a Bulgarian telecoms operator

Vivacom is a leading telecommunications provider in Bulgaria, offering mobile, fixed, and broadband internet services. In addition, it provides tailor made telecommunication solutions. The company has over 230 retail shops and alternative sale points throughout the country.

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