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If your name is appearing on Bexar County Arrests, you may request deletion of the offender detail page by completing the short form  below. NOTE: If you have multiple Bexar County arrests, you must submit multiple requests for each page you wish to have removed from this website. Incomplete entries will not be accepted. 

We process removal of all Bexar County Arrests in the order in which they are received.  In some cases, delays may be encountered if we are not provided with accurate details about the offender. Be sure to provide us with the offender’s SID number and full name just as it appears on the Bexar County Arrests detail page.

After a record is removed from this website, you may need to allow additional time for Google and other search engines to de-index the URL of the page from their search results. This process usually occurs very quickly. 

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Delete Bexar County Arrest

This number can be found on the inmates detail page. If a SID does not exist for a specific offender, enter 0.
An email address where you can be contacted incase we need additional information to locate the correct record, or if you would like to receive updates regarding the removal of the specified record.

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