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Windows 11: Release date, price, and new features

Unfortunately, that filtering process isn’t perfect, and in areas that should appear black some light gets through. The name of the resulting hybrid is still evolving, but QD-OLED seems to make sense, so I’ll use it here, although Samsung has begun to call its version of the technology QD Display. I took apart a 55-inch Samsung S95B to learn just how these new displays are put together .

  • You can do it from the Windows interface or, if you’re in trouble, from the more basic Safe Mode.
  • Once you learn how to screenshot on PC Windows 10 or earlier , there are two ways to edit and potentially annotate it.
  • To automatically save your screen captures to the cloud, you can combine the PrtSc key with OneDrive.
  • The keyboard shortcut will instantly take a screenshot of the primary monitor on your system and then display it within the Snipping Tool.

After upgrading to Windows 10, the Windows 10 DVD player automatically downloads on the system. However, this free offer is available for a limited time. For those who perform a clean installation of Windows 10 makes ineligible for the Windows 10 DVD player upgrade. Here is the list of best Windows 10 DVD players compatible with most of the DVD Video format. If you are using a laptop with Windows 7, you can directly play the DVD movie with Windows Media Player.

How to Speed Up Your Computer on Windows 10: CPU and Memory Tips

In addition to that, you can also install some download manager extensions to speed up the download process. Though it doesn’t come with its own store to get the extensions, you can install extensions from Chrome Web Store and any other extension compatible with a Chromium browser. It is a privacy-focused browser and one of the best free privacy browsers for Windowswith more than 50 million active users. You can also use it in the private window with Tor connectivity that hides your IP address from ISP and websites which is a pretty good and unique feature. Microsoft Edge has improved a lot since it moved to become the Chromium-based browser.

MPC-HC is extremely light, and is able to accomplish the art of video playback with the least amount of resources possible, and that’s its strength. It can even live stream videos from the internet via various protocols – of which it supports an uncountable numbers of. VLC by VideoLAN is quite possibly the most popular video player out there – mostly because it can play whatever you throw at it. Windows 10 adds a lot of great features to an already feature rich Windows platform, but it also removes some of them while in the process of discarding some features that have stagnated.

Microsoft announces Windows 11, generally available by the holidays

If your device isn’t eligible for the upgrade, the quickest way to get it is to buy a new device. Some devices that were first to run Windows 11 include Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 and Surface Go 3. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, preceded by Windows 10.

As for new gaming technology, Windows 11 introduces Auto HDR and DirectStorage. The first expands the color space to reveal superior clarity even with non-HDR game titles. The second technology, DirectStorage can speed up game loading times by bypassing the CPU and allowing graphics memory to load directly. A radically modernized, more consistent design for Windows belies what is really more of an evolutionary update to the world’s most popular desktop operating system.

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